Midnight Dip \ Beth

James sat in his room and pulled on his board shorts- making sure he word underwear, after-all it could get awkward. He had been having a lovely chat to Bethany- about the show’s ratings and how they’re probably at an all time low. And all of a sudden he had started stripping and flashing…. …. it was all a blur until they had agreed to go for a swim. He didn’t know if it was for friendship, romance or just ratings but he didn’t mind: she seemed nice enough. And anyway- James hoped they stayed friends… As he looked at himself in the mirror he was contemplating whether wearing underwear was a good choice and decided he’d ask her when they got out to the pool.

As he stepped outside there was a warm breeze and he couldn’t see her so he went ahead and dove in himself. 

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    James yawned and held Beth close sighing. And as his eyes flickered shut he croaked, “I love you…” The silence almost...
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    "You’re amazing too." Beth said with a smile. She was getting really tired so she kind of just wanted to sleep. "Can we...